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Stylish Bi-Folding Doors

Modern hardwood doors combine the best of traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, resulting in a perfect blend of timeless charm and contemporary quality. Whether you have an older property craving a touch of elegance or a newer home seeking a classic appeal, these doors are the ideal choice.

At Moore Inspiration, we offer hardwood bi-fold doors crafted from a range of exquisite timbers, including Oak, Sapele, and Idigbo. Hardwood possesses numerous advantages, as it boasts exceptional attractiveness, practicality, and a natural appearance.

Colours Available
Bi-Folding Doors

Our bi-fold doors are made from high-quality materials. Hardwoods have the great advantage of being very durable and strong, so they can be worked and used to craft complex designs. We can create a bespoke hardwood bi-fold door for any specification.

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